12 Tips To Help You Stay Safe In Extreme Winter Weather

With severe weather impacting much of Ontario this week, and months of winter left to come, we wanted to share some tips from the IAFF on how to stay safe during extreme weather. 

Tip 1.

Never use a generator or propane-powered heater indoors!

Tip 2.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is more common in the winter months. Make sure your detector is working!

Tip 3.

Shoveling show is great exercise, but can cause additional stress on those with heart conditions. Take breaks or let a neighbor help. 

Tip 4.

A fire hydrant buried in snow can mean the difference between losing a house/possessions or persons to a fire.

Tip 5.

Wear appropriate shoes in ice and snow and watch out for slick surfaces. Falls on ice can be deadly. 

Tip 6.

There is nothing more important than vehicle safety – take the extra minutes needed to fully clear your windows of ice and snow. Make sure you get the snow off the top of your car – otherwise you are putting your fellow drivers in danger. 

Tip 7.

We all want to stay warm, but we respond to more home fires in the winter months. Use space heaters and generators cautiously and according to the guidelines provided with the equipment. 

Tip 8.

Dryer fires and venting is a huge issue in the winter. Make sure your vents to the outside are clear.

Tip 9.

Electrical fires are very common in the winter. Get your wiring looked at by a specialist. 

Tip 10.

Service your furnace! Fires due to old/expired filters are totally preventable. 

Tip 11.

Candles are a fire hazard – use flameless candles to avoid a potential disaster. 

Tip 12.

Stock your trunk for the winter: sand, shovel, flashlight, flares, a portable jump starter, water, blankets – just some of the items we recommend having on hand.