Wayne De Mille, throughout his career with the Ontario Professional Fire Fighters Association (OPFFA), as a member, a delegate, a consultant, a District Vice President, Executive Secretary-Treasurer and Executive Director demonstrated commitment to his community and our Association.

The OPFFA, to recognize Brother Wayne De Mille's commitment to and belief in the OPFFA, will be awarding scholarships of $1000 each, to deserving students of active members of the OPFFA who are continuing their formal education beyond secondary school.

Seven scholarships will be awarded annually, one per OPFFA District.

Post secondary education requires a significant financial obligation. The OPFFA recognizes this and strives to assist our member's children in achieving their goals through these scholarships.

The scholarships are awarded to students who have demonstrated a commitment to their school, community and home life while at the same time living up to the same "Code of Ethics" as the members of the Ontario Professional Fire Fighters Association.

If you are an active member of the OPFFA and have a dependant child enrolled in or enrolling in a post secondary institution/program, please consider encouraging your child to apply for an OPFFA scholarship.

Post secondary education shall include, but not be limited to, university, college or a trade or apprenticeship program.



For consideration for one of the Wayne De Mille Scholarships, please include the following information:


Name, Address, Phone number, signature and date of application.

OPFFA Member

Name, address, phone number, local name and number, applicant's relationship to the member.

Secondary Education

School name, address and phone number

School contact name, phone, email.

Copy of High School (Grade 12) transcript if enrolling in 1st year at post secondary institution/program

If in 2nd year or beyond of post secondary education, a copy of previous years transcript should be provided.

Proof of enrollment at post secondary institution/program and program of enrollment.

Letters of Reference

Provide at least one letter of reference from a community contact, school official and or employer

Community Activities

A brief description of your school, community and home life involvement, include activities that demonstrate commitment to your broader community.

OPFFA - Code of Ethics

In 200 words or less, explain how you believe your success in a post secondary education program will help you strive to exemplify the OPFFA's "Code of Ethics".



Download the 2017/2018 Scholarship Application