Take action: No cuts in Thunder Bay

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Thunder Bay City Councillors are trying to slash the services that keep you and your family safe.

Will you stand with residents of Thunder Bay and add your name in opposition to any fire service cuts?

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Thunder Bay City Councillors have given a directive to the bureaucrats at City Hall to identify areas of emergency service response that could be cut.

We’ve seen this playbook before. Across Ontario when politicians want to make cuts they ask for a ‘report’, which they then use to justify slashing services that keep people safe.

Local fire fighters and their families were blindsided by these revelations. This City Council was recently elected without campaigning on the issue of reducing emergency services in the city. Then just a few months later they try to sneak these cuts through in a back-door process.

Fire fighters won’t let this happen without a fight. At the very least we need an open and collaborative consultation process that seeks input from fire fighters and the public. Not a closed process run by unelected city bureaucrats.

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