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Scugog's full time Fire Fighters were supposed to grow to enable full time fire response to bridge the gap when our dedicated volunteers are working their full time jobs either during the day or evenings.

  • Council has stalled and has hired only 4 of the originally planned 10 full time fire fighters
  • Scugog Fire Fighters have attempted on their own to hold the town to this plan, but they resist
  • Fire fighters can not safely and lawfully enter a burning home for search and rescue and to put the fire out until 4 fire fighters are on scene.


Join us in demanding that Scugog Town Council follow the plan they dropped years ago!  We need to provide service that protects the residents of our town!

Scugog Fire Fighters are dedicated to our community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  In 2004 Town Council made the correct decision to hire full time fire fighters.  High turn-over and delayed day-time response of volunteers necessitated this.

The plan, included hiring 2 fire fighters per year until there were 10.


We have seen devastating fires over the last few days in our community.  Now is the time to put this item to the top of Council's Agenda.

10 Full time fire fighters can:

  • Provide public education, fire fighter training, fire inspections and other value added services
  • Can ensure qualified fire fighters are available to respond immediately to calls for assistance
  • Can provide coverage day and night in a shift structure

Full time fire fighters staffing our station will:

  • Improve response time of fire trucks to your emergency, they arrive quicker, with fire fighters ready to go
  • It will bridge the gap, when our dedicated volunteers are working their day-jobs or are delayed in other responses
  • It will mean that our station will not be left empty
  • It will bridge the high turn-over rate of our volunteers, that use Scugog as a step to city fire services
  • It will mean that active interior rescue and fire fighting can happen faster when you need us most!

HELP US RAISE THE ALARM with Town Council.

This process takes time, there is no more time to waste.

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