Restore Tiered Response in Sarnia

Prior to COVID, Firefighters in Sarnia supported the work of Paramedics by providing a quick response to those in need through a Tiered Response Agreement. When the pandemic hit, service levels for some serious medical conditions were stopped.  As the province moves to reopen, it is time to restore these critical services to the public...

Fire stations are strategically located in the city to provide very quick response times to fire emergencies. What this means is that Firefighters can also support the work of Paramedics; we arrive quickly and are trained in many life saving procedures. This is especially helpful if ambulances are delayed for things such as patient off-load delays or responding to calls out of their area.  

Prior to the COVID pandemic, Firefighters supported the work of Paramedics providing a quick response to certain medical emergencies.  When the pandemic hit our county, service levels for some serious medical conditions (patients choking, experiencing chest pain, serious allergic reactions) were stopped. However, with more than 75% of Ontarians having received their first vaccination and the province beginning to reopen, the pandemic uncertainty no longer exists.  Firefighters know how to safely respond, can provide assistance, and can maintain patient and responder safety.

The County Council needs to reinstate Fire response to serious medical emergencies in Sarnia. 

It is time to restore critical services to the public.

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