Poll Shows Massive Approval for Ontario Fire Fighters
88% of Ontarians believe Fire Fighter/Paramedics should be allowed to use skills

TORONTO – A newly-released poll indicates that the people of Ontario have great admiration for the province’s Emergency Services, particularly Fire Fighters. It also shows that nearly 9 out of 10 Ontarians support the concept of allowing Fire Fighter/Paramedics to use their skills and training to assist patients in emergency situations.
The poll was commissioned by Ontario Professional Fire Fighters (OPFFA) as an in-depth study of opinions on Emergency Services and issues related to delivery of care by Fire Fighter/Paramedics. It was conducted by Mainstreet Research between July 27th and 29th 2017 and reached 4,600 Ontario residents via telephone.
The results reveal overwhelming support for all Emergency Services across the province, and more specifically, highest support for Ontario's Professional Fire fighters. This study looked at three measurements, including job performance, response times and value. In each case, Ontario Professional firefighters performed well above other Emergency services. Firefighters scored well in job performance with over 9 in 10 Ontarians (92%), over two thirds of Ontarians believe Fire Fighters provide a good or excellent value to taxpayers (72%) and 6 in 10 Ontarians (60%) believe the Fire services response time is under 10 minutes including almost 4 in 10 who believe it is under 5 minutes.
When asked about changing regulations to allow fire fighters who are trained Paramedics to administer care at the scene of an emergency, almost 9 in 10 Ontarians (88%) said they would support allowing them to use their medical training. Included in that number is almost two thirds of Ontarians who strongly agree with making the necessary changes. (68%)
"The Ontario Professional Fire Fighters are committed to ensuring the safety of the public. We are pleased to see such strong approvals and performance measures for all emergency services across this Province. We are proud to see the performance, value and perceptions of response times out perform all other emergency services significantly in this study." said OPFFA President Rob Hyndman.
"We know that allowing Professional Fire Fighters who are trained Paramedics to use all their skills at the scene of an emergency will save lives. An overwhelming majority of Ontarians agree that changing these regulations is a necessity for greater public safety and peace of mind." he added.
"When emergency services arrive at a scene, people deserve the best and fastest care possible. They should not have to worry about whether the medically trained professional arrived in a white truck or a red
truck, just that they or their loved ones will be taken care of. This study conclusively proves that an overwhelming majority of Ontario residents agree." he concluded.

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