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Did you know trained paramedics can’t respond to a medical emergency if they arrive on a fire truck? Sign our petition for change! We should let fire fighters save lives.

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For decades Ontario’s fire fighters have been responding to medical calls assisting ambulance services in the delivery of quality pre-hospital emergency care.

The rationale has always been simple; the fire stations are strategically positioned to respond very quickly and are staffed with knowledgeable personnel to deliver such things as CPR, defibrillation, basic first aid and now EPI and Narcan in many areas. Fire fighters respond quickly, filling the gap until EMS transport arrives and often assisting further in treatment or movement of patients.

But Ontario’s EMS systems are overloaded, overworked and cannot keep up with the growing demand from our changing demographics. Fire fighters who are fully trained as certified paramedics are a solution but Ontario law forbids them from providing their paramedic skills when they arrive on a fire truck.

Help us by signing our petition to request that the Ontario government change the laws so that a certified firefighter/paramedic is permitted to practice their skill set when arriving to a medical scene in a firetruck. Tell the government bringing the practitioner to the patient as quickly and efficiently as possible just makes sense.

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