On November 1st, the Ontario Legislature considered Bill 10, the Brunt and Kendall Act, presented by MPP Jennifer French. Ontario's Fire Fighters support this bill because it will help keep trainees in the province safe and protected.

Take a look at the press conference here:

Fire fighters in the province of Ontario perform a wide range of functions, in every area imaginable, they perform fire suppression, rescues, protect the environment and attend in medical responses and they do these activities everywhere. In homes, businesses, vehicles, elevators, tanks and trenches on ice and in the water.

Daily, Ontario’s fire fighters meet the public expectation in these areas and often under uncontrollable conditions.

The public expects that fire fighters and first responders are properly trained to provide the appropriate level of emergency services they need. And fire fighters are willing to learn because they want to serve that public to the best of their ability.

Gary Kendall and Adam Brunt believed that their training would prepare them to perform their best for their communities.

Ontario has no regulations that direct or oversee the training and certification of persons who deliver training for high risk operations. Certifications ensure that the instructors have met knowledge levels, and the organizations they are part of have the tools, equipment and resources to safely run the training at hand. 

In inherently dangerous jobs, we cannot rely on luck to ensure the training meets safety and professional standards.

Ontario’s fire fighters believe that in our high risk job, operating in dangerous situations, that regulations mandating qualifications for training, supervision and many aspects of fire fighting are long overdue.

Adam Brunt and Gary Kendall lost their lives, it’s time for the government to act on MPP French’s bill and we thank her for bringing this forward in their names.

Ontario’s Fire Fighters support Bill 10.