Ontario's Fire Fighters covered the Town of Deep River with flyers, explaining the importance of full-time fire coverage and encouraging residents to ask that Town Council rescind its decision.


In a news release, Ontario's Fire Fighters said:


Ontario’s Fire Fighters are undertaking a door-to-door flyer drop in Deep River to protest the behaviour of the Fire Chief and Town Council in dealing with the community’s local fire fighters.


Since 2014, the Town of Deep River has ignored the staffing requirements handed down by an impartial third-party arbitrator and instead reduced the total number of full-time fire fighters by refusing to fill vacancies. Rather than a fully-staffed hall, the Deep River fire hall is closed 75% of the time.


“This is an unprecedented situation,” said Rob Hyndman, President of the Ontario Professional Fire Fighters Association. “The Town has ignored the experts in the Ontario Fire Service, their own hired consultants, and is now thumbing their noses at the binding legal process. The Deep River Fire Fighters have a moral obligation to inform their citizens of the reckless behaviour of this mayor and Council.”


Although Deep River Fire Fighters are working through the official grievance process, Ontario’s Fire Fighters believe it is time that the public know about what is happening in their community.


Ann Bryan, District #2 Vice-President for the Ontario Professional Fire Fighters Association said, “We’re going door-to-door to raise awareness of this important public safety issue. Residents of Deep River deserve to know the impact of these decisions on their community.”