National Fire Operations Reporting System (NFORS)


National Fire Operations Reporting System

Company Officers!

Report writing!

As veteran fire fighters, many of us have moved through the ranks and felt the pain of typing fire reports.  Having visited and spoken with many many fire fighters, you are not alone, in fact the vast majority of fires in Ontario, Canada and North America go under-reported because of the tedious task of typing reports!  (you are likely not surprised)

So what if I told you about a system that captured much more data from the dispatch CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) system, and could provide real-time data for ALL fires.  It would capture things like the response, crew deployments and their time to complete all critical fire ground tasks, critical benchmarks and MORE.  It can pre-populate your fire reports!

NFORS is not NEW

NFORS can be integrated with CAD systems and provide real-time information on all operational aspects of fire service delivery.  It will serve to supply decision makers with data to fully understand how deployment matches the risks in the communities we serve.

Please, take a few minutes and educate yourselves with this informative video about NFORS:


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