PETITION: Support Mississauga fire fighters

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Shocking and disturbing. Fire fighters in Mississauga may have been exposed to asbestos while at work, and weren't notified by the City. Workers have a right to know what has happened here.

An extraordinary series of articles in the Toronto Star have revealed Mississauga Fire Fighters are at risk of asbestos inside fire halls across the city. The City of Mississauga has failed fire fighters and refused to release the details of an audit into fire buildings so the explosive revelations only came to light following a Freedom of Information request. 

Will you add your name in support of fire fighters and demand accountability from the City of Mississauga?

We call upon the City of Mississauga to immediately release all records relating to fire department buildings in the city. We demand to know what the City knew about unsafe conditions for fire fighters, and when they knew it. They must explain how this happened and why fire fighters and the public have been kept in the dark.

The City of Mississauga must immediately take steps to make safe all fire fighter workplaces. Years of neglect and underfunding have left our fire stations, trucks and equipment in disrepair. It's time for full funding of fire fighting in our city.

Fire fighters put themselves on the line every shift to protect the community. We deserve safe workplaces. We demand an honest response from the City of Mississauga on this extraordinary failure.