Fire Protection for Milton

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Milton Town Politicians are continuing to suppress the services that keep you and your family safe.

Will you stand with residents of Milton and add your name in support of growing our fire protection to keep up with the growth of the town?

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Milton politicians, guided by previous Fire Chiefs have chosen to ignore several consultants reports that have given direction for the Milton Fire Department to grow to keep up with the community growth.  Since 2011 there are over 30% more homes and 50% more people in Milton.  The fire department has not kept up.

We’ve seen this playbook before, the town builds nice new fire stations but doesn’t staff them with fire fighters ready to respond.  Compared to similar sized Ontario communities like Cambridge, St Catharines, Ajax and Kingston, Milton, falls short in emergency fire response.   

With the current Milton council-approved budget means at night when residents are home and asleep, there may not be enough fire fighters to simultaneously arrive, control a fire and search and rescue trapped occupants in a timely fashion.   

Ontario Fire Fighters care about having adequate services in our communities.  Ignoring reports for over a decade, just to bank tax-dollars is not the right approach.  Join us and others in your community to urge Milton Town politicians to consult with experts, including their consultants, Milton Fire Fighters the OPFFA and follow a plan of proper growth.  Fire safety provided to the Town of Milton needs to match the growing urban area and meets the needs and expectations of the residents.

Thank you for your support!