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Safe Communities with Appropriate Fire Response

Proper Fire Department Response

When you call for help you trust the resources will arrive to safely and quickly put the fire out.  When less-than-adequate resources arrive, the multitude of tasks that must be done happen much slower.

A quick response to a fire in a single family home requires that the fire fighters hook to water supplies, stretch hoses, search for victims, search for the fire, remove the smoke and several more critically important tasks.  The faster they are accomplished the likelihood of no victims and less damage is improved.

If you live in a high-rise building the risks are higher, as smoke travels inside and many more people reside there.  REMEMBER SMOKE Kills.  Although high-rise buildings are generally constructed so the building itself doesn't burn, people's stuff burns and the smoke will stay in the building for some time.  If you hear the alarm, get out! (See our apartment safety section for more info)

There are standards that are not mandatory, but larger progressive fire departments recognize them as safe and efficient staffing models for the communities they serve.

Have a look at this short video