#1 How your OMERS pension contributes to the economy

The OMERS Pension Plan is a sizeable economic factor in the success of Ontario and individual members.


Jobs from OMERS Held Businesses

  • The plan itself maintains 38,000 jobs through the investments (businesses etc.) held by OMERS 

Jobs Created from Pension Payments to Retirees

  • The plan supports over 63,000 jobs through the pension payments made to retirees and the services these dollars pay for.

OMERS Total Contribution to Ontario's Economy

  • It contributes over $10 Billion dollars to Ontario's Gross Domestic Product



People Asked

Q - Where can I see what OMERS invests in and what we own?

A - Check out the OMERS web site and the subsidiary businesses they own or partner with.  Wikipedia has a good list of links, just CLICK HERE