Petition: Stop Service Cuts

The Gananoque Mayor has announced significant cuts to fire services in the town of Gananoque.

The Council is proposing to cut overnight staffing of the Gananoque fire hall, meaning local residents will have to wait longer for fire department response.

This could put local residents, families and businesses at risk.

Take action now - add you name and send a message to Gananoque Town Council: we won't tolerate this cut to our security and safety.

Here's something else to know: the Mayor and City Council that will vote on these cuts aren't even sticking around. A new set of representatives is being sworn in next month. At the very least this decision should be left for the new Council to tackle.

And one more thing: the Mayor says this decision is all about saving taxpayers money, but this is the same group of people that voted to give their offices at Town Hall a $3 million upgrade just last year! For that $3 million we could fund overnight fire service for around 20 years!

We need to get 750 people to sign this petition before the next council meeting. Will you sign now to help to slow this down and have the new mayor and council have a proper discussion with the people of Gananoque.

Will you sign?

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