Fire Fighters and COVID-19


Ontario Fire Services are continuing to respond to emergencies in the communities they serve. The work we do is vitally important, and, in most communities, safety precautions are being stepped up to protect the community and fire fighters.

These include:

  • If you call the fire department for help, after critical information is received you may be asked COVID SCREENING QUESTIONS
    • If there are no risk factors reported, the fire fighters will respond and still
      interact, respecting social distancing etc. where necessary
    • If there are risk factors reported, the fire fighters will take advanced precautions
      when dealing with your emergency
  • Fire fighters are ONLY interacting with the public for EMERGENCIES
  • Fire fighters are ONLY interacting with other fire fighters (from other stations) at emergencies
  • Fire fighters are decontaminating themselves and equipment following strict protocol to help prevent any spread
  • Fire fighters who have been out of the country are self-isolated for 14 days before returning to work
  • Fire fighters in many workplaces are proactively self monitoring for any COVID symptom

Fire fighters will take whatever action is necessary in your emergency regardless of social distancing when necessary. We are here to serve you and we put this obligation above all.


Watch back here for more information.

Click here to access the Government of Canada site to learn what to do to keep yourself and your community safe from COVID-19. 






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