Cleaning and Decontamination During COVID-19

Breaking the Chain

Flattening the Curve

It has everything to do with killing the virus before it enters the body.


Although fire service personnel will come in contact with the COVID-19 coronavirus, proper cleaning, disinfecting and decontamination will kill the virus and reduce the spread.


Fire Service Personnel

Use sanitizer after contact with others and wash your hands back at the station and throughout the day.

Don't touch your face

Maintain social distancing

Consider your workplace and your immediate area coworkers as an island.  Work hard to keep your island isolated from others.  No station visits, truck visits, no station visitors.


Standard Station and Apparatus Disinfection

We recommend at a minimum, that fire stations and apparatus are cleaned and disinfected at least once per shift

High touch station areas such as bathrooms, doors, drawers and surfaces/items such as door handles, seats seatbelts, radios, microphones and  head-sets should be cleaned more often.

Utilize cleaning and disinfecting products that have been approved by the manufacturer or your fire department.


Laundering Station Wear, Clothing and other Station Items

We recommend where facilities exist in your stations, that garments, linens, etc. that are used at your workplace are cleaned at your workplace.

Only if necessary should work garments etc. be taken home to be laundered, and if so they should be laundered separately from your other home/household laundry.


Station and Apparatus Deep Cleaning

We are unable to currently find a specific Ontario Ministry of Health guidance on station deep cleaning however a Public Health of England document, referenced in a Public Health Ontario Document lists cleaning of non-healthcare settings LINK COVID-19 CLEANING OF NON-HEALTHCARE SETTINGS that you may use as a reference.  The document describes areas and methods of cleaning and PPE for cleaning personnel.  

There is a list of resources from various government bodies and health care organizations in the Labour Management Section of our COVID-19 pages. It can be found at the bottom of the at page and is a document from Public Health Ontario CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE LAB-MGMT PAGE


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