Fire Services in Caledon

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Calendon Town Council is considering the future needs of our fire services! We need your help to make sure this growing town gets the emergency services it needs to keep people safe!

Caledon Town Council will soon consider whether to increase investment in fire services in the town. Caledon is growing quickly, as any local resident will tell you. The town needs more fire fighters, not cuts to services. That why it’s important that Council consider all appropriate factors when they decide what to do next.

The problem is that a recently prepared Fire Master Plan that Councillors will consider, has been based on faulty data. Not only does the report rely on outdated census data, instead of measuring the tine it takes for fire fighters to reach a fire, it only measures how long it takes for fire fighters to leave the station. This might be great if you live across the street from the Fire Hall, but it won’t tell you much about how long you’ll be waiting if you home or business is on fire. 

A report based on bad statistics can only lead to bad decisions. 

The Caledon Professional Fire Fighters along with local residents are calling for a full and proper report into the needs of the community, not one based on bad data and misinformation.

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