With the recall of 40,000 Kidde smoke alarms currently in the news, we thought it was a good time for a quick recap on smoke alarms. Smoke alarms are an essential, and legally required, safety measure that can save lives in the event of an emergency. They are also easy to overlook. So as a reminder, here are three things you should know about smoke alarms.

1. Smoke alarms are required by law

In Ontario the law requires that working smoke alarms be located on every floor of the house, and outside of all sleeping areas.  Make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are installed in the proper locations. It’s not enough to have one smoke alarm on say, the main floor of a house. By mounting them in accordance with the law, they will perform as designed and have the best chance of alerting you when an emergency occurs at night. Sadly, most fire fatalities occurring in a home are a result of the smoke from a fire.

2. You should test smoke alarms monthly

Smoke alarms should be tested monthly. You should also test your smoke alarms after returning home from an absence of more than a few days. If the alarm fails to sound when the test button is pressed, make sure the battery is installed correctly, or install a new battery. If the alarm still fails to sound, replace the smoke alarm with a new one.

3. Make sure you replace old smoke alarms

Smoke alarms don't last forever. They are required to be replaced within the time frame indicated by the manufacturer. This is usually 10 years. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for installing, testing and maintaining smoke alarms.

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