About the OPFFA

Our Origins

Representing Fire Fighters and Communities

Representing professional fire fighters in Ontario is not new. Our parent body, the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) was formed in 1918, with the first Ontario organization created in 1920.  Today the Ontario Professional Fire Fighters Association represents fire fighters in over 80 cities, towns, and regions, servicing over 85% of Ontario's population.  Our members are called out hundreds of times per day to all perils.

At the turn of the century fire fighters lived in their fire stations and they had the fastest horses to respond to fires.  Fires devastated many a town and city.  Through innovations in equipment, building codes and expanding services fire fighters do much more today.  Fire fighters are a vital part of emergency medical care, attend and extricate occupants from vehicle collisions, attend at hazardous material incidents, rope rescues, water and ice rescues, elevator rescues and all facets of emergencies in the 21st century.

Fire Fighters and the Public

For over one hundred years, fire fighters have been stalwart protectors to the communities they serve.  We pride ourselves on our mission to come to your aid when called upon.  No task is too small, or too large.  We educate and inform to build safe communities, we inspect and ensure the businesses you visit, the places you work and play are safe and 'up to code'.  Our strong sense of community does not end at the end of the work-day; fire fighters help community charities, hospitals and individuals in our communities.    We are here for you.  

Fire Fighters and our Communities

With our strong history and our dedication to preserve life and property comes an immense sense of responsibility to maintain the best levels of service for our communities.  The OPFFA and professional fire fighters are experts in understanding proper and safe service levels for communities.  Knowing and understanding the risks in a community is imperative to adequately match the level of service needed.   Often the public sees that when the big red truck arrives, the problem is solved.  We appreciate the confidence however, it is much more complex and we are here to inform and educate municipal leaders so they can deliver a fire service that the public expects.

Fire Fighters for Fire Fighters

How can a fire fighter help the public if conditions are unsafe for the fire fighter?  Simply, they can't.  The women and men of Ontario's fire service come from families just like yours, we want to keep them as safe as possible so they can focus on helping the public.  The OPFFA provides support and education that assists fire fighters to bargain for better safety equipment, learn about protecting themselves from occupational diseases, and to have enough fire fighters to safely accomplish tasks.  Look at our pages and learn cancer prevention techniques and supports, items to promote good mental health and share in general information to enhance your fire fighting skills. 

In 2019 we celebrated the 100 Year anniversary of the International Association of Fire Fighters.  The link below celebrates our 100th anniversary!

IAFF Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial Wall

The members and the leadership of Ontario's Fire Fighters, the OPFFA, are experts in all aspects of fire service delivery in Ontario.  We advocate for quality fire protection, prevention and education services for Ontarians along with strong health and safety and economic safeguards for our fire fighters.  

We engage in public, political, government and fire fighter engagement, with a focus on education and fire fighter training to accomplish our goals.  



Fire fighters quickly extinguish car fire on city street.